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All about plastic soup


You’ve probably seen pictures of sea turtles caught in fishing nets. Or of a bird’s stomach that contains more plastic than food. Unfortunately, animal suffering is not the only problem caused by plastic pollution. Plastic in the ocean not only threatens animal habitats, but also our own habitat. Animals can eat plastic containing toxic substances. When those animals in turn end up on our plates, we have to ask the question: what effect does the plastic soup have on our own diet?

Read about problems caused by plastic soup:

Plastic diet
Did you know... 100% of all sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs.
Plastic on our plate
Did you know... Scientists have found 9 different types of plastic in human excrement.
Animal suffering
Did you know... Ghost fishing is a problem whereby large marine animals become entangled in lost or abandoned fishing nets.
The cost of the plastic soup
Did you know... People in poor areas are sometimes forced to live on a plastic landfill.