All about plastic soup

All about plastic soup

Are you working on a school paper, or do you have to give a presentation about plastic pollution in the ocean? Then you’re in the right place! This site explains everything about ‘plastic soup’: from how it was created to solutions for a plastic-free ocean.

All of the website contents are based on scientific articles. If you would like to know more about a topic, click on the ‘sources’ link at the bottom of the page. The sources show where the information came from, to help you find more information about the subject.

What is ‘plastic soup’?

Plastic soup

It’s not floating islands of plastic in the ocean, but rather a watery ‘bouillon’.

How does the plastic enter the ocean?

Plastic can end up in the ocean in all sorts of ways. It can be thrown directly into the ocean, or it can enter the ocean indirectly by being transported via rivers, wind, and waves.

Plastic diet

Dokter bibber plastic editie

Plastic is increasingly found inside animals, and it can even be found inside our own excrement.

Animal suffering

Animals can get caught in six-pack rings. This form of plastic is already prohibited in the Netherlands, but is still allowed in other countries in Europe and abroad.

An ocean full of plastic

Less than 1% of the plastic in the ocean is floating on the surface. So where’s the other 99%?

How does a gyre work?

gyres gedreven door wind

The currents in the ocean gyres transports and spreads floating pieces of plastic.

Plastic on our plate

Plastic eten

Even we can consume microplastic, but what are the consequences?

Research into plastic soup


Scientists already know a lot about plastic soup, but there is still much more that we don’t know. Read all about the scientific research conducted at Utrecht University.

Causes of the plastic soup

Nederland onder plastic

We could cover the Netherlands 155x over with all of the plastic in the oceans.

What you can do!

Contribute to a plastic-free ocean.

Contribute to a plastic-free ocean.

Microplastic & microbeads

Microplastic makes up a large part of the plastic soup.

Why do we find Dutch plastic at the North Pole?


Ocean currents bring Dutch plastic to the North Pole, where it causes serious harm to everything that lives there.