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All about plastic soup


We all uses plastic all day, every day. Yet we increasingly hear news reports about the growing problem of ‘plastic soup’. Almost daily, we see photos of beaches strewn with plastic bottles, and birds that have more plastic in their stomachs than food. But if plastic is so bad for the environment, why do we still use it? And why has all of that plastic only ‘now’ become a problem? 

Read all about the plastic in the plastic soup:

What is ‘plastic soup’?
Did you know... There aren’t big islands of plastic floating in the ocean.
Causes of the plastic soup
Did you know... We are living in the plastic age.
Microplastic & Microbeads
Did you know... Microplastic makes up a large part of the plastic soup.
Plastic can be found everywhere in the ocean
Did you know... Less than 1% of the plastic in the ocean can be found floating on the surface.
Types of plastic
Did you know... Biodegradable plastic often doesn’t break down in nature.